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Earthquake is a book aimed at grades 2-4.
Earthquake! give a simple explanation of an earthquake.

What causes them?
Can we predict them?
How do we prepare for them?
What to do during an earthquake.
What happens after a big earthquake?

Earthquake has factoids, charts, a few simple experiments, 
instructions on making a bed pocket, and tips for making your home,
family and pets safe.

 The Activity Tab of this website features activities for teachers
 to use in the classroom.
 The Emergency Lists Tab also has links to 
 Kid Friendly Emergency Preparedness sites

 is available in hardback or paperback at

is available on Kindle
or Buy the 5.00 PDF at. 
Guardian Angel Publishing   

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The Earth

I hate to tell you this, but you can’t dig to China.
Earth is like a giant ball. In the center of the ball is a smaller ball made of different kinds of metals. This is called the Core.

Around the core is a big sea of melted rock and metal. It is thick (like toothpaste) and very VERY hot. (This is why you do not want to dig to China.) The melted rock is called Magma. The place where is magma is located is called the Mantle
Floating on this magma sea are big thick plates made of rock. 
On top of all of this, is the rock shell on which we live. 
This is called the Crust. 


Why don’t we fall off
 the Earth?

The law of Gravity 
keeps us on the earth.
Obey Gravity!
It’s the LAW!

OK. Back to the plates.
Most of the time the plates move peacefully. (The plates are made of Rock. Rocks do not get mad.) 
The points where the plates meet each other are called Faults or Fault lines. 
A fault is a very dangerous place. When two plates bump each other, Watch out!  
Bumping Causes Earthquakes. Bumping causes Tsunamis

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