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.Emergency supplies your family should have.

Cash (in an electrical failure, ATM's will not work)

Store in easily accessible closet the following:

Fire extinguisher

Swiss Army Knife

Enough non perishable food for 3-5 days.
Include things you really like to eat. (You will want comfort food. Include peanut butter, a bubble wrapped jar of jelly, and Chocolate)

Hand can opener

Coffee, tea bags, hot chocolate mix or your beverage of choice.

Drinking water. 1 gallon per person per day. (That is a lot of water)

Water purifying tablets. (In case you run out of stored water.)

Crescent and pipe wrench to turn off gas and water pipes


Battery operated lanterns (you will want them to read or play games)


Portable Battery Charger for your phone
If the electricity if off for more than a day you will want to recharge your cell and/or tablet. You can find them online or in stores like Walmart and Target.
 A cell phone will not work in a big emergency. 
Too many people call at the same time and the lines fail. But you will be able to use it later if you have a way to recharge it.

Portable radio

Battery operated fan

An old-fashioned corded phone that plugs into an outlet. This may be the only thing still working, when cordless phones won’t work with the power out, and cell towers down.

Camp stove or barbeque so you can cook outside.

Camp type coffee pot

Cooking pan

A tent, sleeping bags and a ground cloth are a very good idea.

Broom and dustpan to sweep out the tent.

Waterproof heavy plastic bags. (These come in very handy)

Toilet paper and paper towels and /or wet wipes.

Paper plates, cups, forks, knives and spoons


Trash bag with 2 changes of clothing per person and an extra pair of shoes per person. Include jackets and rain ponchos (you can get these at a dollar store.)


First aid kit.

An old pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Store any medicines you need to take regularly.

And get some Aconite 6x.

Aconite is a homeopathic medicine that helps fight scared feelings. The long name for it is Aconitum Napellus. 6x is the strength. You can get it at any drugstore or health food store that carries homeopathic medicine. You can also give it to your pet. They get really scared too. It tastes like sugar pills and it is very safe.


3 days supply of food and medicine for your pet.
Plastic drinking bowl and food dish
Extra leash and /or carrying case.
Comfort toy.

Put all these things in one or two storage cans in your front closet.

Also put in the closet a box of favorite pictures and important papers.

Extra Emergency Items

Camping toilet
Solar Shower
Battery operated TV
If you have a laptop computer, get an extra long life battery.

Now this is important.

On the days when Daylight Savings Time comes and goes, (Spring forward, Fall back)


Take out the old the packs of batteries and put in new ones.
Put in new food and water.
Check expiration dates on the medicine.
Change the batteries in the smoke detectors.

Hold a family earthquake drill.

Then have a party because you just lived six months without an emergency.

Prepare your home

Make a family plan so everyone knows what to do.

          Designate an out of state person as your emergency contact. If a large earthquake strikes, you may only get one call. (You will probably only be able to make that call on a land line.) If you are not together when the quake hits, each member of your family should try to call that out of state contact to let to let them know they are safe. Your out of state person should have a list of all family and friends that will need to be told you are safe.

          It is a long time between big earthquakes. Once a year, (on a daylight saving change day, so you will remember,) call or email your emergency contact person with an updated list.

Securing your Home


No picture frames over a bed.
Be sure there is nothing near your bed that can fall on you.
Secure bookcases and mirrors to the wall. Use red-eye screws.


Put all glass jars on lower shelves.
Store heavy pots and pans on lower shelves.
Store perishable food you will want in an emergency in your freezer. (I.e. a loaf of bread.)

Living room and dining room.
Secure shelves to the wall.
Use big screws to hold pictures and mirrors.
If you have little statues and vases, use quake hold putty to stick them to the shelf or table.
You can get straps for Televisions, fish tanks and computers to keep them from falling over.

 It is a good idea to have some cash money stored where you can get to it easily. ATM machines will not work if the electricity fails.

 Try not to come home with an empty gas tank. It is very inconvenient when gas pumps do not work. (A car can be a good gathering place in an earthquake provided it is well away from falling objects.)